I'm past the days when I draw up seasonal shopping lists for clothes or shoes. Things churn and get replaced. Those favourite flats or staple cardigans. Something occasionally catches my eye. But my style is pretty trend-agnostic and even season-agnostic too.

Still, I'm susceptible to lookbooks, mostly for the mood they can conjure. And I think this one embodies how I love to feel in fall clothes, enveloped and warm, with cheeks flushed and warmth radiating against cold air. Golden light filtered through trees - my favourite season in Ontario by a long mile.

And this company, Lilith, has nothing to do with any of that and yet it conjures it all and I find myself thinking about my drawer full of scarves and my drawer full of socks, of berets and wristwarmers and mugs blown into, cupped in both hands. And I look forward to all that.


  1. These look like Sarah Moon photographs!! Could that be?

    1. Hi Susan - Good eye! I did a search and looks like she's at least worked with them on past collections, so although I can't find a credit on their website, I suspect you're quite right!


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